Promoting educational, networking, career, and collegial opportunities for girls and young women in Maine sparked by technology.

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Why join Mainely Tech Women?

  • You will build social and professional relationships with women who share common goals and interests. We work together to develop a sense of community and empowerment for all the women involved.

  • You will connect with students, faculty, and business professionals to share information and experiences. As a student, you can expand your learning beyond the classroom. As a faculty, you can help our members develop new technology and leadership skills. As a career mentor, you can serve as a role model for aspiring technology professionals.

How we can help you reach your goals

  • Mainely Tech Women offers formal and informal opportunities to develop and apply technology and workplace skills to advance your career goals.

  • You can expand your networking opportunities by attending professional conferences and seminars, participating in career and technology events, and engaging in group activities.

  • By assuming a leadership position in Mainely Tech Women, you can share your experiences while being a role model for others looking to follow in your footsteps.

Whatever your motivation for joining, as a member of Mainely Tech Women, you will shape the future of women in technology!

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